Laura Michael


Dr. Michael is an AOCP board member since 2004, currently president 2020-2021, and past president 2008-2010, and 2014-2015.  She presents at every AOCP conference, speaking on GI Pathology.  She is a GI Pathologists who trained at the University of Florida and the first fellow of Dr. Gregory Lauwers, who is now at Moffitt Cancer Centre, after many years at Massachusetts General and Harvard University.


After residency, Dr. Michael spent over five years at Citrus Memorial Hospital as a staff pathologists before accepting the Medical Directorship of Gastrocor, Florida position at Bostwick Laboratories.  Ten years later, she moved to Alpharetta Georgia to a GI Pathology laboratory, Endochoice, which became Boston Scientific a few years later.  She is a fellow of the College of American Pathologists, Gastrointestinal Pathology Society member and Board certified American Osteopathic Board of Pathology and American Board of Pathology.

Nov. 1-30 2021 Conference

Interesting Cases in GI Pathology Celiac Sprue Update 2021

Disclosures: No relevant Disclosures

One (1) Category 1A CME Credit available for this course.


Lecture objectives:

  1. Review clinical symptoms, varying histology of celiac disease.
  2. Understand histologic changes of celiac sprue are not specific- clinicopathologic
  3. Refractory sprue and other conditions mimicking celiac disease
  4. Marsh grading and Villanicci-corazza scheme


Needs Assessments:

  1. Advances in medical knowledge


Core Competencies: 2,3