One (1) Category 1A CME Credit available for this course.


1.       Participants will review current concepts in parasitology including life cycle, identification both microscopically and macroscopically.

2.       Participants will be better able to recognize these diseases by applying the learned medical knowledge to patient care

3.       Attendees should be able to effectively communicate in a professional, accurate and concise manner with other physicians about parasitic diseases.


1.       New methods of diagnosis or treatment

2.       Advances in medical knowledge


Human Parasitic Diseases: A Diagnostic Atlas ISBN: 978-089189-6777. Authors: Lawrence R. Ash, PhD Thomas C. Orihel, PhD, ASCP press

Parasitic Diseases Seventh Edition. By Dickson Despommier, Daniel Griffin, Robert Gwadz, Peter Hotez, Charles Knirsch.

Malaria over-diagnosis in Cameroon: diagnostic accuracy of Fluorescence and Staining Technologies (FAST) Malaria Stain and LED microscopy versus Giemsa and bright field microscopy validated by polymerase chain reaction – PubMed (

Core Competencies: 2,3,4,5