One (1) Category 1A CME Credit available for this course.


Understanding the basic principles of classifying pigmented lesions, including cytologic atypia
and architectural disorder: the accuracy/precision/reproducibility of “grading” atypical nevi; and
the immunohistochemical staining of nevi/melanoma

Understanding the various options for genetic testing, including comparative genomic
hybridization (CGH), fluorescent in situ hybridization studies (FISH), and gene expression
profiling (GEP) as it pertains to DIAGNOSTIC testing for melanoma
Understand the options for genetic testing, such as gene expression profiling (GEP), and how it
pertains to the PROGNOSTIC testing of known melanoma and how that might impact upon
therapy and follow-up


New advances in dermatologic treatment
New methods of diagnosis or treatment
Development of new technology
Advances in medical knowledge
Legislative, regulatory, or organizational changes affecting patient care

Core Competencies: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7